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Are you Positive or Negative?

Most of the time we want to know Whether I am Positive or Negative Person? Most of the time we think that we are positive but in reality we are generating negative thoughts. So, how can we check our thoughts? Whether Am I Positive or Negative?

Here are some tips to check whether you are generating positive or negative thoughts? You can check whether you are negative or realistic. You will also know how you can change yourself. Lets start the test to check Positivity and Negativity!!
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Check the use of “NOT or Negative words in your thoughts

You may be thinking, How the use of “NOT” word can show my positivity? But it is true that you can check your thoughts by checking the frequency of use of “Not or Negative words”. Not word releases the frequency of negativity, whether it is used in positive sense or negative.

Take a look at an example:

I will not cry.

Instead of using this sentence if I use

I will remain happy.

This simple change can make you more positive. When you say you will not cry, it means you are thinking about crying and you will get what you think by law of attraction.

So say YES to Positive Sentences.

positive or negative

Now ask one more question to check whether you are positive or negative!!

Whether you appreciate or criticise general things?

In general life, some people have tendency to appreciate every general thing and some have tendency to criticise every day to day routine things. The people who appreciate have the positive mindset while the people who criticise mostly have negative mindset.

You can take example from your near about people.

Meet some successful people and discuss general topic of society with them. Then meet some people who are talented enough but are not so successful. You will find the difference that the successful people used to take everything positive while other used to find the negative in every aspect.

We can find positive even from worse situation and can find negative from the best situation. It is on our nature how we take the things and react on them.

Till now you are aware that whether you are positive or negative. Whether you use not in your general life while talking with your friends or colleagues? You also know your general tendency whether you appreciate or criticise the general topics of society, politics or discussions.

Now the question arises, how can we make ourselves positive and left these bad habits?



So here are some tips for you.

Always try to use positive sentence

When you speak “NOT or any negative word” try to repeat the sentence in the positive manner and by using positive words.

This practice will slowly reduce the use of not or negative words and increase the positive words and increase the positive environment around you.

Find positive about general things

It’s time to search. When you make decision about any general thing, you should first, search about that topic. Try to find the positive things. In every topic and in every discussion you can find positive things.

When you search positive things, you mindset will try to find more positive things about that topic and positivity will increase around you.

Now you know whether you are positive or negative thinker and you also know how to deal with these bad habits. So try these in your daily life and become more positive.

More the positive vibrations around you more you will be happy.
More you will be happy, healthier the life you life.
And every one of us knows health is Wealth.

Be Positive and Keep Smiling

Thank you very much


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