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Key for Happiness

Hello Friends! We have talked about Happiness, Success, Positivity and many other things. But do we know, what is the key for happiness? We all are running behind the success blindly. But most of us facing the common problem that is, we all are missing the inner happiness, the happiness from the core of the heart.

Today, we are going to know, how we can get the inner happiness. What is the key for the happiness of our inner soul? How can we live a happy life full of joy and satisfaction?

Let me tell you a short story – Key for Happiness

Few days before, I was watching one serial. In the serial there was a race between two persons.

One person was very quick and fast. The other person was not so quick but he used to do his work with consistency and enjoyment.

When the race got start, the first person started running fast, so that he can complete the race. On the other hand second person started walking and enjoying his journey of game.

Second person was enjoying every second of his journey. At some distance he found one key and he kept this key with himself.

The first person reached the end very early and second person reached the end some late. But at the end of the game there was the twist.

key for happiness
Key for Happiness

Twist was the rules of the game. At the end you have to open the door from the key which was dropped in the path and contestant has to first find the key and then open the door to win the game.

So, Second person won the game even first was very quick.

Moral of the story – Key for Happiness

Now relate the game with your life. We all are running to get money, success, name, fame etc. But none of us are happy from the soul.

We can’t get the happiness at the end of the journey, we can get the happiness by enjoying our journey of life.

We are running behind the money but lacking the key of happiness, key of satisfaction, key of sweet memories and many other beautiful things of life behind.

At the end we all have to reach the same spot, that is death, and no one can take his money, success, name, fame with himself.

So understand the reality of life, we are not here to run behind the success, we are here to run for the happiness. We have to do our work with happiness. We have to live our daily routine life with happiness.

All these things doesn’t mean that, we don’t do our work. Just enjoy our life. It is not right. We have to do our work with happiness. We have to live our daily routine life with happiness.

Now you know the key of happiness and satisfaction. Now enjoy the life.

Be Positive and Keep Smiling

Thank You



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