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Law of Attraction

Hello Friends, We are going to learn you how we can fulfil our dreams. Something likes magic and  full of science. Magic is Law of Attraction. Many of you have already heard about this. This topic becomes famous after the release of the movie THE SECRET.

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction is like a magic which can fulfill all your desire and dreams. It can manifest anything you want. It is completely based on scientific explanations. This Law of Attraction works on energy, feeling and thoughts.

“What you think is what you get”

You are attracting everything what is happening in your life. Whether it is good or bad. Whether you believe or not. You are attracting everything what is happening in your life. You are attracting everything by your thoughts your feelings. Your thought your feelings give what you have attracted.

Simply the law of Attraction says like energy attracts like one. If you are thinking good, good things will happen. On the other hand if you are thinking negative things then negative things will happen. Your thoughts and your feelings attract everything for you.

Sometime when you are thinking about your friend he suddenly came to you or he call’s you. This is what you thought attract. Your thought attracts your friend.

Like attracts like:

Now, many people say that opposite attracts each other, so how like can attract like one. We need to see the things with great vision to understand this.

Men and Women attracts each other (But they both are human so Human attracts human)

North pole of magnet attracts south pole (But combination of North-South attracts North-South that is like attracts like).

Science Behind Law of Attraction:

Law of Attraction is based on thoughts and feelings. Now we need to know how science treats thought and feelings. Science says that thoughts and feelings are energy. Each thought has particular frequency and that remains in universe and search for same frequency.

For understanding this we need to take example of chair used by great scientist Stephen Hawking. His chair follows all his command that is, what he thinks is done by his chair. This is possible by getting the frequencies of thought and converting that to particular task.

This proves that our every thought has some frequency. We just need to tell the universe what we want in the form of frequency of thoughts and feelings. Then the universe will itself fulfill our wants, desire and dreams.

You have to just use your thoughts, feeling and your power of visualization to get what you want. You can tell universe what you want. Universe will surely give you what you want. You have to just believe on universe that it will surely give you what you have demanded.

You have to follow a simple procedure to get what you want and after that you will be with what you have desired.

Law of Attraction

Applying the Law of Attraction

Now we know there is a law of Attraction very powerful law which can manifest our desires. So the question is How to apply the Law of Attraction in our lives to get what we want.

There are some simple steps which you need to follow to manifest your desires. Here are these steps:

  1. Tell What you want:

Tell the universe what you want. Give the universe the clear description what you want. The best way for this is by writing what you want on paper. Research has showed people who write their goals are more successful than those who don’t write it.

You can start writing by first thanking the universe for giving you everything what you have and then writing what you want from the universe.

This is like giving the order to the universe what you want on a paper. Main thing is that you should write on a paper by the thought that you are surely getting what you want.

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  1. Believe:

This is very important part of Law of Attraction. We should believe that you are surely going to get what you have demanded from the universe. You have to think all the time what you want from the universe. You have to be positive all the time. We need to be affirmed and confident all the time that universe is going to give me what I have demanded. Universe has to give me.

The most important thing is that you have to be positive and happy all the time. This is must because you are sending the vibrations to the universe. If you are happy and positive then universe will give you positive results. Happiness increases the positive vibrations.

We have to keep it always in your mind what you want. You can recall at the time of sleeping and when you wake up. You can write it on a board and put it on a place where you see many times a day so that you can see you aim again and again.

One great person has said:

Dream is not what you see while sleeping, dream is that what don’t let you to sleep.

  1. Visualize:

This is the most important part in which you have to believe that you have already got the thing what you want. You have to live as that thing is already with you. Many people think it is not necessary but it is necessary. This sends the very strong vibrations to the universe.

For example if you want a latest smart phone then you can use your current phone like that it is the phone what you have demanded. When you call someone believe that you are calling from the latest phone. This sends the very positive vibrations to the universe.

If you want money then live like you have already have that. You can imagine yourself like the rich and behave as you are rich and have all the facilities what you wanted after getting rich.

  1. Gratitude:

This is the process which makes all the difference between the people who apply this Law of Attraction. In this you have to show gratitude towards the universe. We should to be thankful to the universe for everything what universe has given to you.

You can make a list of all the things what universe has given to you and then thank universe for all what universe have given to you. You can thank again and again.

The list contains all the things such as water, air, food, electricity, cloths, home, vehicle, mobile phone, parents, children, friends, relatives etc. We can thanks universe for everything.

Now it’s your time to apply the Law of Attraction.

Best of Luck

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