How we can live a positive, happy and tension free life

How we can live a positive, happy and tension free life

Everyone of us want to live positive, happy and tension free life. Anyone can remain positive all the time. It just depends upon some of our routine work which makes us positive or negative. Living happy and tension free life is very easy. If we change some of our habits then we can live positive and happy life.

Let us take look at some habits which we can change so that we can live a positive and happy life.

First thing after wakeup

positive happy and tension free life

The first thing you should so after wake up makes the lot of difference how your day is going to be. If your morning becomes good then your whole day goes good. You can start your day in a good manner by remembering good things. You can start of your day by thanking the god for giving you such a beautiful life. You can remember a person who gives smile on your face. But the best thing is by remembering god and thanking him for what he has given you.

One important thing is that sometimes our morning gets destroyed due to some unwanted reasons. Then we start thinking that our complete day will get ruined. You can then start from beginning by thinking that nothing happened and my day is going to be good and you can again thank god and think about a person or good memories to relax your mood.

Making list of item what you need to do

positive happy and tension free life

After getting bath and breakfast you can make you routine in your mind and start your day with the positive thinking and a good smile on your face. One thing you can do is thank universe or god after each work. It creates a positive environment and vibrations.


At the time of sleep

At the time when you go to bed you can remember all the good time spend in the whole day (only good). You can also thank universe and god for giving you all such good time and memories.

So, try it in your life and see the change and live positive, happy and tension free life

Be Happy and Keep Smiling

Thank you very much


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