Proven 3 Simple Step to become successful

Step to become successful

Every one of us wants to be successful in life. Everyone wants success. Here are some step to become successful in life or in business or in any other field. These tips can help you to become successful.

Have a Dream (Fist Step to become successful)


The first and foremost requirement is to dream. Here you need to understand what the dream means. Someone has said a beautiful line for dream.

“Dream is not what you see while sleeping. Dream is what that doesn’t let you sleep.”

So the dream here is your aim, your desire, your dream.

The basic necessity to become successful is that your aim, your dream, your desire should be clear.

If you say you want to be successful then it is not clear to anyone and not clear even to the nature. If your aim is not clear then how will you achieve it? How the nature can help you in achieving your aim, your dream?

Having a crystal clear aim is must to achieve it. Crystal clear means that perfectly clear.

Take an example:

If you say you want to be player.

It is not clear that what type of player you want to become. It can be football player, cricket player, hockey player and even it can be video game player.

On the other side you say, you want to be the international player of cricket and want to play from the side of India as an opening batsman.

This is clear. Now the nature will work and you can achieve it.

Remain Positive (Second Step to become successful)


Now you have a dream, which you want to achieve. Next step is very important. Now remain positive. You have to blindly faith yourself and nature that you will achieve this.

I will become successful.

Nature is with me.

I can do it.

You have to just remain positive.

One problem that you will face during this is that every step will give you some result. It will be a mixture of positive and negative.

Now what you have to do is take the good thing with you and leave the negative one.

Work Hard (Third Step to become successful)


The last and the most important thing are to work hard and work smart. You can only achieve your goal, your dream, your aim, your desire if and only if you work hard and work smart.

Hard work is must to achieve the goal.

Take an example:

As I want to be the international player of cricket and want to play from the side of India as an opening batsman.

I have a dream, I am positive but I don’t practice. So how can I achieve my dream? It is the hard work which helps me to fulfill my dream.

Take another example:

You want to make a tea. You have taken the milk, water, tea leaves and sugar. Now you mix all these things and don’t put this mixture on fire. Will you get your tea ready?

In the similar way, if you have a dream, you are positive then you have to work hard to achieve your dream and to become successful in life.

So try these simple step to become successful.

Be Positive and Keep Smiling.

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