Ways to Promote Business Locally

In the modern era, each of us is looking for Easy and Effective Ways to promote Business Locally and globally. So today, we are going to know how we can promote our business locally.

In the modern era, it is very difficult to increase sales without promotion. Advertisement and promotion play very important role in increasing sale. There are also some methods by which you can promote your business locally free.

Now take a look at some methods to Promote Business Locally

1. Get Website

Yes, you are right, you have to get one website for your business. In the world of digitalization, you should have one website. It can be simple 4-5 page website or advanced website. It is your choice.

promote business locally
promote business locally

You must read this:

Why small business need website?


2. Social Media Accounts

Now you have your own website. It’s time to create social media account on many websites.

Here is a list of some website where you can create your account:

Now you have some social media accounts. It’s time to promote your business on these websites. You have to regularly post on these websites.

You can also hire Social Media Marketing Agency for this.

3. List your business local directories

Getting clients and customers to find out where you are is crucial, and one of the best ways local businesses can be found online is by adding their company to top online business directories.

There are a number of popular online directories.

You can add your details free on www.dglok.com

Best online business directory:

Online Local Directory #1 Best | dglok.com

4. Use videos to Market your Business

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so it makes sense to create a YouTube Channel and leverage proven video marketing tactics, like ‘how-to’ style video content and response videos, to improve search visibility and potentially drive leads.

One idea is to make individual video interviews on local news-makers in your niche using Skype. Once you’ve recorded the video, to maximise its benefit:

  • Post it on YouTube.
  • Embed the YouTube code on your website.
  • Transcribe the video with a cheap tool.
  • Post the transcribed content on your blog for search engines to find.

Or you could host an online seminar and share it on your website and via social media networks – a perfect opportunity to gain exposure.

promote business locally
promote business locally

5. Use Email Service

Sign up for an email service, and send an email newsletter and/or promotional offers to customers and prospects for your business.Be sure you ask for permission to send

Be sure you ask for permission to send email before putting any person’s email name on your list.

One good way to build a permission-based email list of people who want your mailings is to give something away.


6. Verify your listing on Google+ Local

Previously known as Google Places, Google+ Local is a way of verifying on Google maps where your business physically is.

This can be verified by anyone at the business. Google will send a pin number through to your exact business address, and as long as someone enters this pin number onto your listing it means you are verified and can receive the benefits.

These include more chances to appear within Google local searchers, the opportunity to connect your Google+ profile to your Google+ Local listing, and the opportunity to gain reviews from your customers that will then show up as star ratings in your search results.

The best bit about this is that it’s completely free. The downside is that the pin numbers through the post can take weeks to arrive, so if you’re given the option to verify immediately by phone then do this.

7. Word of mouth

Most of people trust the recommendation of friends and family, and this can work to your advantage, particularly in a local community-based setting.

Go the extra mile for your customers and they’re more likely to tell people about it. Also, make it easy for them to recommend you through referral and reward schemes.



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These are some tips and tricks which you can use to promote Business Locally and globally. By using these simple methods you can promote our business locally and increase your sales.

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